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Review: Barceló Añejo Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on July 24, 2012

Photo Courtesy of Lance Surujbally (All rights reserved!)

Ron Barceló was founded in 1930 under the name Barceló & Co in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The rum brand quickly grew in popularity growing into one of the largest in the Dominican, and the brand is now exported world-wide to over 20 countries.

The Company advertises five indicators of quality which govern their production:

  • Only the finest sugar cane produced in the Dominican Republic is used.
  • All of our rums age in oak barrels from Kentucky that have been used to age Bourbon Whisky.
  • Constant research efforts by our Master Blenders lead us to the best possible blends.
  • Achieving a perfect combination of body character, great performance and exquisite bouquet.
  • Using the industry’s leading distilling technology with the age-old artisan knowledge of our local experts, heirs to a long tradition of excellence in rum production.

I reviewed this rum almost three years ago, and recently acquired a new bottle. I decided to go back and see if the rum, or my perception of it had improved after three years.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“… When I allow the glass to breathe some of that initial harshness evaporates into the breezes, and I detect some notes of caramel, banana peel, and tobacco. However, the burnt brown sugar notes still tend to dominate the rum… “

You may read my full review by clicking the link below:

Review: Barceló Añejo Rum

Please enjoy the review!

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