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Wine Reviews

At this time, I am limiting my Wine Reviews to the sweeter wines which I refer to as Dessert Wines.

Port Wine

Port is a fortified wine which is properly produced in the Douro Valley of Portugal. Although this style of fortified wine is also produced outside of Portugal, in many jurisdictions, only the wine from Portugal is labelled as Port or Porto. (In the United States (and Canada) however the rules are less stringent and wines labelled “port” may come from anywhere in the world.)

Ruby Port

Late Bottled Vintage Port

Tawny Port

New Styles

Botrytised Wines

The grapes selected to produce this style of wine are not picked when they have ripened; rather they are left to “rot” or “Botrytise” on the vine and picked by hand as late as possible in the growing season. The agent at work is a specific fungus called “Botrytis cinerea“ which affects grapes by absorbing their moisture making them dry. As the fruit loses moisture, its sugar content increases dramatically. Other factors may be at work as well with the final result being that the “botrytised” or rotten grapes are able to produce an intensely sweet and flavourful wine. The appearance of the “noble rot” depends not only upon the location (or terroir) of the vineyard, but upon the irascible weather. It is not uncommon for no suitable botrytised grapes to appear for several years at a time.

Other Dessert Wines


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