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Archive for the ‘Gin’ Category

Cocktails: Six More Rescued

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 16, 2010

Today I rescued six more cocktails from the pages of my reviews and placed them into my cocktail menus,  two gin recipes, two whiskey recipes, and two more rum recipes.  My gin recipes were first published when I reviewed Tangueray No. 10 Gin.  They are both variations of the Gin Gimlet.

No. 10 Keylime Gimlet

The first is called the Key Lime Gimlet and is pictured to the left.  Using key limes instead of regular lime in the recipe gives the gimlet a little different flavour,  which I find really mixes well with gin.

The second recipe called the Key Lime Slushy for gin is basically a blenderized version of the gimlet with crushed ice and grenadine. The grenadine is their purely for aesthetics and can certainly be replaced with simple sugar.

Here are my two new Gin recipes recently added to the recipe menus:

Gin Cocktail: The Key Lime Gimlet

Gin Cocktail: Key Lime Slushy


The two whiskey recipes added today are of completely different origins. The first the Double Diamond Fizz is my first ‘fizz’ style recipe added to the database.  Although I am using a particular whisky in the recipe it is actually quite easy to sub in any rye or Irish whiskey into the recipe.

Count Turf is a recipe based upon a Martini contest held in 1951.  The winning entry was dubbed The 1951 Martini.  When I looked at the recipe I knew I could use a similar approach with a nice Kentucky Bourbon.  I explain it a little more in the recipe write-up.

Whiskey Cocktail: Double Diamond Fizz

Whisky Cocktail: Count Turf


The final two recipes added today are rum based drinks. They are perhaps two of my nicest constructions. The first, Romantic Traffic, uses Aged Barbados rum as its base mixing with Curacao and gin.  It is a little boozy, but it is also delicious.

The second rum cocktail uses light amber rum and a nice long combination of grapefruit and pineapple.  I decided to call it Enjoy The Moment. It is perhaps my favourite of the six cocktails introduced today.  Here are the final two recipes:

Rum Cocktail: Romantic Traffic

Rum Cocktail: Enjoy The Moment

Remember, the aim of my blog is not to help you drink more…it is to help you drink better!

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Tangueray No. 10 (A gin review)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 8, 2010

Oh my!  The Rum Howler Blog has branched out again.  This is my first attempt at a gin review.   My plan is to review at least three different gins by summertime subjecting them to the rigors of my peculiar review methodology.

I want to caution my readers that Gin is not a primary alcoholic beverage of which I indulge.  This means that my reviews of gin (and tequila for that matter) may more closely resemble fantasy than reality.  However, I would rather fail in trying to write a worthy review than to be satisfied with where I am at and make no attempt to grow and branch out.  (By the way I do not plan to fail!)

My method of reviewing any spirit is to discuss and score my enjoyment of the spirit. I am confident than an honest discussion of this enjoyment will lead to a worthwhile review.

So it is that we come to the first bottle of Gin which I will review,  Tangueray No. 10.  This is a premium quadruple distilled gin which sits at the top of the benchmark as far as Tangueray gin is concerned.  Here is an excerpt from my review:

“Tangueray No. 10  gin is soft and remarkably approachable.  Juniper berries lead out in front with hints of pine and spruce behind. My mouth tingles wherever the gin stops to rest which is probably caused by the higher than normal alcohol proof (94.6).  I can taste a light orange sweetness akin to Triple Sec or Cointreau in the background.  Floral notes drift  in and out of the currents of my palate, as do other citrus flavours….

You may read the full review here….

Gin Review: Tangueray No. 10

Of course I have added a few “forrest approved” cocktails including my sumptuous Key Lime Gimlet!

Enjoy the review!

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Cocktail: The Pink Rocket

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 23, 2010

The Pink Rocket

Sometimes I play with old ideas in an attempt to come up with something fresh. In this case the old idea is from a the 1937 publication, Cafe Royal Cocktail Book, Coronation Edition, compiled by W.J. Tarling. I introduced a cocktail from this book in my review of Appleton Estate Reserve Rum and the cocktail is called The Celebration.  (A link to the same recipe is found on the Internet Cocktail Database)

The idea of mixing gin and rum was new to me, but obviously it has a tradition back at least 80 years.  So I thought I would experiment with the idea and tweak it to make a nice sweetish cocktail (not Swedish but sweetish).   My idea was to come up with a more feminine cocktail that I could bring out to wow my friends.  My first change was to adjust the fruit juice slightly adding just a bit of pineapple juice and decreasing the grapefruit juice.   Not anything remarkable there, just a slight change in flavour profile. Then I reduced the ratio of rum to gin somewhat.  Finally I unabashedly used grenadine as a substitute for groseille syrup.  Each change made the drink progressively sweeter. At this point I cut the quantity of Grenadine to one half of the amount of Groseille syrup, and used a lemon wheel garnish to act as a counter punch to the sweetness.  I think it turned out very nicely.

Click here to view the entire recipe:

Rum Cocktail: The Pink Rocket

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Howling Highlight: The 12 Spirits of Christmas

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 14, 2009

As promised I have selected 12 special spirits which would be perfect as Christmas Gifts.   These are in no particular order except that I  have saved the most expensive for last.  In the Spirit of the Twelve Days Of Christmas, allow me to introduce my Twelve Spirits of Christmas. In the instances where I have reviewed the spirit I have included a link to the review. Just click on the name of the spirit and the review will pop up.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Here is my top twelve gifted spirits for Christmas:

1)  On the first day of Christmas: Amrut Indian Single Malt

An exquisite Malt from India which is not only unique but also very good.  (About $80.00)

2) On the second day of Christmas: Havana Club Barrel Proof Rum

An Authentic Cuban Rum which will delight the connoisseur. (About $60.00)


3) On the third day of Christmas: Herencia de Plata Reposado Tequila

This is the Tequila which has made a convert out of me.. fantabulous! (About $45.00)


4) On the fourth day of Christmas: Highland Park 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

For myself, I consider this to be the ultimate Peated Whisky. (About $50.00)


5) On the fifth day of Christmas: Renegade Panama Don José 1997 Rum

If you can find this anywhere in the world…buy it!  (About 80.00)


6) On the sixth day of Christmas: Tangeray #10 Gin

Just a great smooth Gin… (About $35.00)


7) On the seventh day of Christmas: Knobb Creek 9 yr Old Bourbon Whisky

What a nice Kick this Bourbon has! (About $45.00)


8   On the eighth day of Christmas: Flor de Caña Centenario 12 Year Old Rum

Smooth, Elegant, and probably the best Rum Bargain out there.  (About $35.00)


9) On the ninth day of Christmas: Wyborowa Exquisite Polish Vodka

The Polish know how to make Vodka.  This is one of the best! (About $40.00)


10) On the tenth day Christmas: Alberta Premium Rye 25Yr Old (100% rye whisky)

This is the best bargain in the World! So Smooth… So good!  (About $30.00)


11) On the eleventh day Christmas: Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Premium Rum

In Venezuala they make some of the best rum in the World.. Another Bargain! (About $40.00)


12) On the twelfth day of Christmas: Wiser’s Red Letter Whisky

Okay not a bargain.  But what a whisky!   (About $150.00)


*All prices were based upon shopping in my good ol province of Alberta.  Prices will vary considerably around the world!

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