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Vodka Review: Crystal Head Vodka

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 10, 2011

Perhaps the most unique and unusual product presentation at The 2010 Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival was the Crystal Head Vodka with its glass crystal decanter shaped like a human skull, complete with two skull cups to serve the spirit in. My buddy Dennis, who was with me at the show, was as smitten by the product presentation as I was. As fortune would have it he was given a bottle (er skull) complete with Skull cups as a Christmas Present from one of his pals. Dennis often joins me for my informal tasting sessions on various Sunday afternoons, and a few days after our first Vodka tasting (See Tasting Nemiroff Vodka), he invited me over to sample the spirit within the crystal skull. We followed the steps as outlined in my Vodka Tasting Methodology, and after our tasting session he allowed me to take home another sample of the spirit so that I could do further tastings on my own such that I could write a proper review.

After a few evenings with the Crystal Head Vodka, and a few cocktail experiments I wrote the following review:

Vodka Review: Crystal Head Vodka

Please enjoy the review which includes a Video from the Crystal Head website  explaining their ideas regarding the Crystal Head Vodka and another Video chosen by myself the end of the review (from the Canadian Rock Band Trooper) which I believe wraps up the review quite well.


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